Having Fun with Blender and Cycles

News / 27 July 2018

Recently i switched to Houdini for general purposes and making re-usable procedural assets for environments, props.. Few weeks ago i also decided to learn Blender for modeling etc. and completely ditching the "old" Maya for good. Can't wait for 2.8 release and i loved Cycles too! Hello future!


My First Procedural Asset

News / 05 May 2018

Recently i switched to houdini as my main DCC app, watched some tutorials to get along and possibilities makes me excited. Here is my first procedural asset made in houdini; A box.. :P But with funcitons like dynamic size, rotation of flaps, surface jitter for some deformation, material variables and subdivision amount :) Initially it was lit bit painful to get along but im so glad im switched to Houdini.